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AWS pictorial history of welding as seen through the pages of the Welding Journal

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Welding Tools History

Hobart Welding School

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Welding Supply House
Old Welding Supply Store
Some of the first welding equipment and machine supply stores were combination stores this one being farm equipment as well as welding gases and supplies..


Anvil Welding
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Old and New Welding Machines
Welders Old and New
 The first type of common welding was oxygen and acetylene torch welding. Later came arc welding first with electrodes and later with tig, sub-arc and mig processes of welding were devolved by companies like Airco, Hobart, Lincoln Electric, Linde-Union Carbide, Miller Electric, G.E.  AGA and Westinghouse. 
Old Welding Positioner
Old Welding Positioner
Much of the first weld positioner and welding positioning equipment was shop built. Later companies like Ransome, Aronson and other began producing welding positioners, manipulators, tank turning rolls and other equipment to help automate and position the parts to be welded..
Arc Welder
Old Welding Process
The old time welders will tell you it was hard dirty work with little safety standards and working conditions were less than desirable. The welding was slow and often had problems in making quality welds do to the technology of the day..
Women Welders
Women Welders
Many women learned to weld during the days of WW2 when many of the men were off fighting the war. Today you will still find many women working as welders but it is still a mostly male occupation.

Used Welding Equipment

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