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 AWS Forum and Hobart Forum as well as WeldingWeb Forum. There are some off brand welder advertising forums, the ones above are safe and trusted.

The used welding equipment and machines message board has closed. smile face 

The problem was to many dealers were posting product to the site. They also were contacting the posters. That caused some legal questions as to liability. We chose to shut down the message board rather than face the possible legal issues if we left it open in its old configuration. The few ruined it for the many.

The idea was to have private individuals have a place to post their used welding machines and equipment for sale, swap or trade. At the top of the page are other websites that have used welding equipment information and swap forum boards.

I'm sorry a few ruined it for all of us. The board will not return in the future. To much time and not enough money for this free welding equipment information website. Our forum was started long ago before welders had the many resource now available on the Internet.

Welding Equipment
Used Welding Equipment - Fabrication and Metalworking Machines. 

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