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ur mission is for the web site usedweldingequipment.com to be for the enjoyment of the personal welding fabricator and metal working welding enthusiasts. The message board is for the individual to sell and trade their personal welding equipment and assorted equipment. The information within the web site is free to the pubic. This is a non profit web site.

The used welding equipment and machines message board was closed in early 2001. The problem was to many dealers were posting product to the site using false names. I received several complaints from users of bait and switch offers from Dealers. The they also were contacting the posters via email to sell equipment. 
The idea was to have private individuals have a place to post their used welding machines and equipment for sale and trade. 

If we wanted dealers we would have allowed them in the first place. We wanted a non profit site for exchange between people not companies. We did later offered Dealers a Link Page which few took up the offer.

I'm sorry a few ruined it for all of us.

As for the future of the web site we hope to bring you some useful links as well as some special offers from selected Dealers. We may also open up the message board in the future once the Legal department gives us the future guide lines.

We also plan to have a further pages with information about the history of welding equipment and machines. From the early days of the welding machines by The Hobart Brothers, Lincoln Electric as well as Westinghouse and General Electric Welders. To the later days of companies like P&H, Union Carbide Linde, Airco, Miller and also plasma cutting companies like Thermal Dynamics

We also plan on having some web pages with information on the different types of welding positioning equipment like welding positioners, manipulators, power tank turning rolls, seam welders and other welding positioning equipment from the first days of the units to the current equipment. 

We hope you enjoy the web site and please stop back we will be always updating and making new additions of interests for other personal welding fabricator and metal working welding enthusiasts like myself.

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