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About The Used Welding Equipment Website

Our (UWEL) used welding equipent dot com website does not to try to sell people anything. We do not accept payment for links from our website. There are no fees or commissions on referrals to buyers or sellers. We are not looking for income, we are looking to help other welding enthusiasts, blacksmiths, metalworkers, fabricators, iron workers and welders. This is our way of paying forward after 43 years working and enjoying the arc welding fabrication industry business.

In the start of the new millennium in 2000 our website Used Welding Equipment (UWEL) website was founded to provide welders and metalworking enthusiasts a place to buy, sell or trade surplus used equipment and machines specific to the welding machinery related industry.

What happened to the website?

Quite frankly we got busy with life, selling new, rebuilt and used welding equipment machines and supplies. Our website went into decay of dead links and major changes to the used equipment and machinery business. It was time to update our website to better serve welders and other who need sources for used welding related equipment.

Given our 40 plus years of experience with working on all levels of welding fabrication since 1978 we are uniquely qualified to help you find the source to purchase good used equipment. Directly working for over 40 years with auctioneers, dealers, welders and people who have been buying and selling used welding equipment and machines.

Changes in arc welding equipment and machines since 2000

Since 2000 when this website began the welding industry has changed quite a lot. We now provide no fee consulting suggestions on where you can locate all kinds of welding related equipment and machinery.

We provide trusted advice on where to buy rebuilt or good used equipment, welders and machines.

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