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Made In the USA  Welding Seamers and Planishers


Seamers for Tanks, Vessels, Tanks and  Pipe Welding Equipment, Machine System.

DC Welding Automation offers many Seamer weld systems to meet the needs of a variety of welder pipe welding fabrication applications. A Pipe or Tank Welding Automated System combines flexibility and economical approach to automatic wind tower fabrication, vessel and pipe fabrication productivity. Let DC Welding Automation help you stream line your tank and pipe seam welding production. Quality product Made in the USA.

automated pipe welding system

Positioners in Stock



Proven time savings, safer and high quality welds, think DC Welding Automation Welding for new or reconditioned used welding positioning equipment. In most cases a welder positioner will pay for itself in a year or less. Positioners are designed with a square table and round is also available with 4 to 8 T slots and through-holes. The table rotates 360 degrees and has tilt capabilities through 135 degrees. High quality welding positioners have safer positioning for less worker fatigue. A huge selection of sizes and models for nearly every application are all excellent reasons for you to buy from DC Welding Automation Welding

The Mini Pro table top welding positioner is the perfect solution for welder applications needing a small, sturdy and versatile thu hole weld positioner. It has a motorized variable speed rotation with a forward-reverse switch, speed potentiometer and dynamic braking. The rotating tilting positioners rotation speed is variable from .37 to 13 RPM. The pinned tilt range is from 0 to 90 degrees with pinned 15 degree increments. An 8 diameter three-jaw chuck and 300 amp welding ground are standard. The 2.5 inch spindle through hole provides additional flexibility.

tilting weld positioner manual tilt positioner
welding positionersmini pro positioner


If you have a cylindrical pipe tank or vessel, Powered Tank Turning Rolls are a safe way to rotate them. Vessel Rotators have five basic styles of powered tank turning rolls to accommodate sizes weighing 1,000 pounds and up with diameters from 1" and up. Typical standard units are manufactured to accommodate as large a vessel or tanks as 240,000 tons, 21 feet in diameter. DC Welding Automation pipe rollers have been designed to accommodate parts well over a 1,000,000 pounds. Pipers Rolls and Tankers Rotators all have several common features. The 3 styles are friction driven with the exception of the Super Piper which is a direct drive unit. They all maintain a constant center line and require no adjustments for varying tank welding application diameters.

turning rolls pipe turning rolls power turning rolls tank rotators pipe rollers tank turning rolls

Column Boom Weld Manipulators



DC Welding Automation weld manipulators that are ideal for circumferential or longitudinal welds. They are flexible to reach inside of small internal tanks and vessels for welding both longitudinal and circumferential joints. High quality continuous welding manipulators are the most versatile of all welding positioning equipment. The control of column, boom stroke, travel car and weld torch positioning is done automatically or semi-automatically for varying welding automation applications. DC Welding Automation engineers integrate a 5 axis automated motion control with modification to the boom end on standard column and boom manipulators. Total motion control is obtainable through programmable controls.

Welding manipulators


DC Welding Automation offers Manipulator Travel Cars. They include a manual push car and a variable speed welding travel cars. The manual car rides on an inverted angle "V" track. The powered cars ride on machined rail track. The weight and gauge width of the machined rail tracks vary depending on the load capacity required.

DC Welding Automation Welding will fully recondition the welding positioning equipment to fit your welding fabrication applications with new and reconditioned used welding equipment.


Mitusa Seam Welders and Welding Seamers



DC Welding Automation Welding offers new and  reconditioned used weld seamers retrofits from all major manufactures. Mitusa Welding stocks an extensive line of welding seamers. Internal or external seam welds utilizing any weld process can be used on these seamers on flat, square, cone, bowed, or round pieces. Plasma, Laser and other special weld seamers are also available. Mitusa Welding reconditions all brands of arc welding machines to meet every requirement Mitusa Welding fully reconditions the used weld equipment to like new condition.

Seam Welders


Special options and features make Mitusa Seamers a quality leader in seam welders. All Reconditioned Mitusa Seamers have features that will help reduce or eliminate arc blow. With heavy duty adjustable side beam tracks, modular variable speed carriages that are upgradeable with new features. All seam welders new condition. Mitusa sells new seam welders all over North America. The used welding seamers are fully reconditioned for all types of welding applications. 

Welding Seamer


Mitusa Welding inventories new and used Side Beam Variable Speed Carriages are heavy duty travel carriages capable of supporting substantial loads at specified distances from the faceplate. Variable travel speeds from 3 to 116 I.P.M. are standard with the VSC-15-3 and VSC-21-12. The Model VSC-40-12 carriage is equipped with travel speeds from 6 to 180 I.P.M. Welding Carriages use a rack and pinion drive system equipped with weld controls for Power On-Off Switch and Light indicator, Auto and Manual Switch Light, Forward Off Reverse Speed Control, Pushbutton, Socket for Travel. All have weight capacities from 1500 to 4000 lbs. SCR solid state controls, and are modular in design to allow for an up grade. 

Side Beam Welder




Headstock tailstock positioners have fixed vertical tables that rotate the pipe in between the headstock and tail stock tables. Head-tailstocks handle large weights and sizes. They rotate a vertical table around a horizontal axis, allowing access to all sides of large weldments. The welding headstock is powered the tailstock is not. Some welding fabricators mount headstocks and tail-stocks on rails to give the welder adjustment of distance between the two positioners. DC Welding Automation Welding often mounts small items, elbows or flanges in the headstock for pipe welding fabrication. Proper capacity of a head stock and tailstocks is important when you consider the torque needed for large rotating welding applications to be mounted. Torque dictates accurately start and stop rotation without speed variation of the weldment. This is a concern particularly when positioning weldments with components located far from the center point of rotation, which creates excessive torque that can strain the weld positioner drive and gearing. DC Welding Automation Welding Reconditioned Used Headstocks and Tailstocks offer a good value for shops on a limited budget.

Headstock Tailstock Positioners


DC Welding Automation Welding stocks grippers pipe chucks that are designed for the pipe welding industry. Welding splatter will not effect these self-centering pipe chucks. Easy to operate and quick mounting of various shaped parts up to 60" make Pipe Gripper Chucks real time savers. Call or DC Welding Automation Welding for stock and prices.

Type A gripper chuck Type B pipe gripper chuck

TJ 20 pipe chuck


DC Welding Automation Welding reconditions floor welding turn tables that have low profiles and rotate the parts on heavy steel plate tables varying in size from 24 inches in diameter up to arm lengths of 24 feet in diameter. Turning capacities are available for nearly every welding application up to 150 tons. DC Welding Automation Welding can offer special applications for heavier loads with variable speed rotation are standard and will vary by turn table with remote pendants which houses speed control and forward, reverse buttons. Welding fixturing, mountings on powered cars for rail travel, various voltages, tachometers, Dial welds - Welding floor turn tables are the ideal tool for inspection, painting, flame cutting, robotic welding and more. DC Welding Automation Welding will help you with sizing your welding table.

Welding Floor Turntables

Welding Slides and Fixture Tooling



DC Welding Automation Welding stocks manual and powered slides that has extremely fluid motions with ample weight capacities. Weld head positioning  slides have two basic models. One with 1 inch round ways and with the other 1-1/2" round ways.
Quality welding slides are interchangeable as vertical or horizontal slides. Protective boots for various lengths and motorized slides are all available with standard options.
DC Welding Automation Welding inventories slides that are considered by many to be the best quality column and boom manipulator slides on the market today.

Welding positioner slides

Used Welding Equipment

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