Used Welders and Welding Power Spplies

Warning Information on How to Buy Used Welding Equipment

How to buy a good used welder cheap?

If you are a new to welding or just starting on your welding hobby or a long time professional career in the welding field. Quality new tools and gear can get expensive. Rebuilt used equipment is a less expensive option for purchasing your welding machines. Used welders and/or refurbished equipment can be a great choice. This website will cover some of the benefits of buying used welding equipment and machines. We help you outline a few things welders want to look for when making your second had welding equipment purchase.

USA arc welding equipment is typically built durable, and made to last about 10 years of steady weld shop use. Buying a used welder doesn’t mean that the machine has problems or is of low quality, it just means that the welding machine has been used and likely traded in by the original fabricator for newer enery efficient welding equipment. There are many quality welding dealers and sellers who offer used welding machinery for sale with a limited warranty.

How Not To Buy A Pig In A Poke Used Welder

Old used refurbished welders are not that different than the new power supplies. The refurbished old welder has been used by other welders, then traded to the welding supply shop. It is then ready to get updated and working correctly for resale. Refurbished used power supplies are usually more expensive than as-is used welders, but refurbished weld machines often offer a limited warranty. If you are looking for a good used welder with a quality stable arc for a cheap price, then a factory demo or rebuilt welder with a warranty is best choice for you.

How do I find good used welding machines and equipment that works?

Many seller of used welders offer no warranty. You buy the power supply as-is where is, and you need to arrange for any repairs needed. Some of the welders will not work at all, others will need some minor repairs. Keep in mind that the manufactures are limiting replacement parts for older model welders. They want you to buy a new welder. Many welder parts can found at electric supply sources, as well as used welding supply houses listed on this website.

Welding fabricators know that welding machines keep getting better and more energy efficient to keep up with growing demand. Newer welding machines are made durable and strong, to last a long time. Welding machine technology improvements provide professional welders the ability to trade-in their older good welding machines so they can buy the latest models.

Reliable Used Welding Machines and Equipment Information

Prior to your purchase of used welding equipment, or if you start working with a used welding machine, look closely at the power supply for damage. Smell the side vents of the welder for the scent of burnt laminate smell. Based on the type of equipment damage, like a fried transformer could expose you to electrical shock. Repairing a welder is usually cheaper with MIG and TIG power supplies. Check the welder sheet metal body for damage and be sure to check all the wired connections, cables, and switches to see if they’re loose. Also, make sure you’re getting enough power for your welding needs.

How Do I Check the Used Welding Machines Running Condition?

Important items to consider when buying a TIG or MIG welder power supply is the welder's planned use like what thickness of the metal that you want to weld. The thicker the metal, the more time or power the welder will need for the weld job. The power supply duty cycle is an important thing to check. The higher the duty cyle, the longer the welder will be able to weld at full load. If a welder needs more than 100 volts it will most likely need its own electric power hook up. Many of the used welders for sale require 3PH three phase electric input. This is not suitable for home or small shop use. Single Phase electric input is needed for most home use.(1PH)

Know what you are buying before you pay the seller, warranty or as-is.

Before people go out and purchase used or rebuilt used welding equipment you will want to buy from a reliable seller you can trust. We offer quality used equipment sources where you can find a fair price. We also list links to reconditioned power sources and factory demo units at a substantial discount.